Educational programme

The Lindenstrasse Memorial Foundation offers a diverse educational programme for interested persons of all ages. One of the main starting points for our educational work are the biographies of people who were persecuted in Lindenstrasse for political or racist reasons under National Socialism, or imprisoned during the Soviet occupation and in the German Democratic Republic. This biographical approach has been adopted throughout our educational work.

Our educational work is tailored to the needs of our visitors. All workshops have a modular structure and can be flexibly combined depending on the specific areas of interest and knowledge of the participants.

We will be pleased to advise you about which activities are available in English.

The educational and information activities of the Foundation are based on the following principles:

Discover, research and discuss
The formats are designed to be hands on: visitors learn about the historic site through discovery, research and discussion. By incorporating diverse methodological approaches and creative forms of presentation we bring historical subjects to life. Methods that foster active engagement also promote skills development.

Multiperspective and controversial
Confronted with multiperspective and controversial exhibits and presentations, visitors are encouraged to undertake a critical examination of history.

Links to the present day and human rights education
References and connections are made to current affairs and issues. This stimulates critical reflection and shows visitors how relevant these topics are for today’s world and for their own lives. Human rights education is one of the approaches we draw on in this context.